Welcome to Parenting with Great Learning Opportunities. As I have taken the journey to learn more about parenting techniques, I've met many wonderful people across the country. Their willingness to share their expertise is priceless. To the parents who have attended my classes or workshops, I want to thank you for sharing your stories and experiences with me.

Parenting is the most important job in the world. In today's world, it is more difficult because of all of the outside influences and for others the lack of family or community support. Every parent's dream is to raise children who are capable, caring, confident and connected. Parents are the most important model in a child's life. What lessons are you modeling?

"Correct children with respect and kindness and they will respond back with respect and kindness - if not immediately, then surely in time."
- The Dalai Lama

Kids don't come with manuals. Yet our parenting manual was created by watching all of the powerful people in our life. We tend to parent how we were parented, yet sometimes we need to rewrite our manual with new learning opportunities. Those new learning opportunities are at the core beliefs of Parenting with G.L.O., LLC. When we empower ourselves with new learning, we can help our children develop their own strengths and create their own miracles.

Enjoy the Journey!


Great Learning Opportunities

Parenting is the most important job in the world, and in today's world, it is more difficult. Let Gloria help with Great Learning Opportunities.